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Our Investment Philosophy

The first step in our investment management process involves envisioning the life you want to live as you begin retirement. Because each client is unique, we want to make sure we understand what is important to you. Because the majority of our clients are retired, we have found over the years, the investor has to know what rate of return is needed in order to keep up with inflation and meet their retirement goals. If you don’t know your rate, you will not know if it is reasonable to expect your goals will be met.

Once we establish a rate of return, we can then build a portfolio that suits each client’s specific needs. Risk management is a major part of the portfolio building process. By discussing volatility in detail with you, we are able to get a feel for your risk tolerance level . Once this is achieved, we are able to build a portfolio designed specifically for you. Because life is constantly changing, our plan needs to be flexible enough to change with it.Our comprehensive planning process provides you with a financial plan that is flexible and adaptable to constant market fluctuations.